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Leaf and Bird Stop

What is Leaf & Bird Stop for?

It stops leaves from blocking your spouting and causing overflow. It also prevents birds from nesting in your eaves.

What does Leaf & Bird Stop look like?

It looks like an oversized, continuous bottlebrush. It comes in one metre lengths and is 100mm in diameter so it fits into all standard gutters.

What is Leaf & Bird Stop made out of?

The bristles are made out of polypropylene and are enhanced with a UV stabilizer to ensure long life. These are all anchored firmly in place with a twisted, galvanized wire.

What colours are available?


Do you still have to clean the gutters?

Yes, no system is completely maintenance free. Depending on your particular situation, you will need to clean your gutters every one to two years. This is simply a matter of sliding out the Leaf & Bird Stop, giving it a shake off, then sliding back into place.

Can you put Leaf & Bird Stop over downpipes?

Yes, run it straight over the top of downpipes.

Is Leaf & Bird Stop NZ made?

Yes, it is made in New Zealand, specifically for NZ conditions.


Will Pour-N-Restore discolour concrete or masonry?

We have tested Pour-N-Restore on various materials and we have not experienced any discoloration at all. Furthermore, we have never had even one customer complaint about discoloration. However, we always recommend testing a small inconspicuous area first before treating painted, stained, or pigmented surfaces.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on asphalt (blacktop)?

No. If Pour-N-Restore is used to remove stains on asphalt it will dissolve the surface layer and expose the aggregate. Therefore, we do not recommend it for stain removal on asphalt. However, Pour-N-Restore can be used to remove stains from asphalt on concrete or masonry surfaces.

Will Pour-N-Restore bleach concrete or masonry?

No. Pour-N-Restore does not bleach. If after using Pour-N-Restore you find that the area appears lighter in colour, simply rinse the area with a strong stream of water to flush the white absorbent powder from the surface.

Why is Pour-N-Restore taking so long to dry?

At temperatures above 16°C (60°F), dry time will be approximately 5-8 hours. If you are using Pour-N-Restore in cooler temperatures, expect dry time to be extended considerably. Dry time can also be extended by high levels of humidity and poor ventilation. To accelerate dry time, spread Pour-N-Restore with our v-notch spreader and/or direct a fan at the treated area.

After sweeping, why does the area still appear dark?

After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, there will be moisture trapped in the pores of the concrete or masonry surface. Simply provide adequate ventilation and allow the moisture to evaporate out.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on sealed surfaces?

While Pour-N-Restore is effective on sealed surfaces, dry time may be extended considerably in some cases. After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, it may take several days, even weeks, for the moisture to evaporate out from beneath some sealers. To increase the evaporation rate, provide maximum ventilation and direct a fan at the treated area.

Will Pour-N-Restore harm grass or plants?

After it dries to a powder, Pour-N-Restore will not harm vegetation. However, in its liquid state, it will be harmful. Therefore, if Pour-N-Restore comes in contact with vegetation, dilute it with large amounts of water.

Does scrubbing improve performance?

We never recommend scrubbing on the first applications since it may actually hinder performance. However, if a stubborn stain requires subsequent applications, scrubbing may enhance performance. Scrubbing is particularly helpful on heavy stains left from materials like tar and wax.

Does Pour-N-Restore work on old stains?

Yes. Pour-N-Restore is effective on old stains too. If the stain has not been cleaned previously with other cleaning products, 1 application should be sufficient. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.

Should I pressure wash the stain?

We recommend scraping buildup off the stain before using Pour-N-Restore®, but we do not recommend pressure washing. This may actually inhibit Pour-N-Restore's performance. After using Pour-N-Restore®, pressure washing is not required, but it can help clean absorbent residue from the area. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.

Spouting Care

What is the difference between 'Spouting' and 'Guttering'.

Both terms mean the same thing. Spouting and Guttering is one and the same.

How does Vacu-cleaning get my spoutings 300% cleaner?

In many instances, there is very little gap between the edge of the roof and the outside of the spouting. This badly inhibits ones ability to 'scoop' any debris out the spouting. The result of not clearing out the spouting properly, is that the debris is flushed down into the downpipe which can either cause a blockage in the downpipe, or worse a blockage in the underground drainage.

Will the Vacuum damage my roof surface?

Not at all. The Vacuum system is kept on the ground and includes a long hose which reaches up to two story's high.

Why do I need spouting?

By law, all buildings must have spouting.
Spouting performs an important function of draining thousands of litres of water off the roof and away from the foundation of your house. Since spouting catches rain right off the roof it also prevents the rain run-off from splashing against your windows and cladding, extending the life of both.

What types of spouting are there?

Basically, there are three types of spouting - plastic, metal and copper. Within these three categories, there are all sorts of options. We service the lot!

In the 10 years we have lived here, we have never had our gutters cleaned. Why do them once a year?

To ensure the long-life of the spouting, it should be cleaned every 12 months. Prevention is always better than the cure!

What does a standard cleaning service entail?

Our standard cleaning service entails:

* Vacu-clean or scoop spoutings to remove all debris
* Waterflush spoutings, inside and out, to remove any existing biological growth / dirt
* Inspect and remove any blockages within downpipes
* Seal any minor leaks (usually these occur in joins of spouting)

What is Vacu-cleaning?

This is a revolutionary system that we have developed over the years which allows us to use a purpose built vacuum-style cleaner to suck out any debris, moss and general gunge from the spouting and also assists in clearing blocked downpipes.

Will the Vacuum damage my roof surface?

Not at all. The Vacuum system is kept on the ground and includes a long hose which reaches up to two story's high.

I have had my roof damaged by careless people before - do you have to walk on the roof?

In most instances, we prefer to work from the roof. All of our team have extensive training in all aspects of roofing and spouting, to ensure that no damage is done.

How often should Spouting be maintained?

Depending upon your environment (heavier leaf-fall = more regular cleaning), most spouting needs to be maintained at least every 12 months.

It is best to check the spouting before winter at the very minimum. As a special benefit to our clients, we offer a free reminder service.

As per the manufacturers warranty on some types of spouting, it must be professionally maintained every 6 months to keep the warranty current " make sure you read your fine print!

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