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House Washing

House Washing

Spouting Clean Solutions offers several different options for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your house.

Soft Wash
The 'Soft Wash' or 'Moss & Mould Treatment' option is our self-developed solution. It consists of a unique selective biocide that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and specifically designed for the removal of biological growth.
It is applied through a purpose built, low pressure, diaphragm pump. When applied, the solution immediately attacks and kills the growth. Over time, rain reactivates the solution to help wash away the growth without scouring the surface it has infested. The Moss & Mould Treatment also has a residual effect which ensures that once the surface has come clean, it will stay clean for approximately 6 times longer than a water blasted surface.

Hypo Wash
Our Hypo Wash system is designed as an 'instant clean' option. The solutions consists of various chlorides and detergents which are applied to the surface of the house, then rinsed of using as little pressure as possible and fan spray nozzles which help to eliminate the possibility of surface damage. This system will give your home an instant clean.

Water Blasting
Water blasting is a common and effective solution to get rid of surface dirt and low levels of biological growth. Water blasting removes the dirt and growth via high-pressure pumps. This system will give your house an immediate clean, however high pressure water pumps used by inexperienced and untrained operators can cause serious damage to some surfaces. Our team is thoroughly trained in high pressure water techniques to reduce the risk of surface damage.

De-web and Rinse
This is a service that we offer to customers whose property is not affected by any biological growth, but just needs a good clean!
We will rinse your house with water to remove any dust or general dirt, and remove all the unsightly cobwebs

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