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Moss and Mould Treatment to concrete, pedestrian areas, fences, walls and more

Moss and Mould Treatment to concrete, pedestrian areas, fences, walls and more

External surfaces such as concrete areas, driveways, walls and fences are ideal places for biological growth to grow. Moss, mould, lichen and algae will colonise on these surfaces, and grow rapidly, causing the affected surface to appear dirty and shadowed.

Water blasting or other high pressure methods are only a 'quick fix' to be rid of this growth, and will not prevent it from growing back and re-establishing itself.

These growths will not only make the surfaces appear dirty but are also dangerously slippery to walk on when wet. Lichen will also eat away at the surface, causing irrepairable damage.

To completey kill these growths, they need to be treated with our specially formulated Moss ... Mould Treatment. This solutions will instantly kill the growth, and with the help of natural rain fall, over time the growth will be washed away. As this solution is fully biodegradable, and no caustics or bleaches are used, this is a natural and environmentally friendly process.

The Moss ... Mould Treatment will also prevent the growth coming back for up to 4 years after initial treatment. So your building will stay clean for approximately 6 times longer than a water blasted surface.

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